How to Troubleshoot Invalid click on Google Adsense

For you the user of Google Adsense are definitely no strangers to invalid clicks, invalid click or invalid clicks this can occur because of a person who clicks your ad kicks us in the blog, or youtube applications admob. Many of the Adsense publisher account got banned by reason of Invalid Clicks such as following message invalid click activity consists of any clicks or impressions that may artificially inflate an an advertiser's costs or a publisher's earnings, and for which we decide not to charge the advertiser. This includes, but is not limited to, clicks or impressions generated by clicking a publisher on his own ads, a publisher encouraging clicks on his ads, automated clicking tools or traffic sources, robots, or other deceptive software.

Well the team google send you a message so arguably we clicked the ads yourself with unnatural but not us who do, Click is considered cheating by google so here how to resolve Invalid click on Google Adsense

1. Limit the percentage of CTR under 10%

Take care if the CTR (click through rate) adsense you over 10% because according to my adsense experts observe them tells if the ctr over 10% of affected cartilage banned his account.

2. Get a lot of ad clicks

As we discussed last google will suspect the adsense account get click ads much suddenly. To solve it you guys simply unplug/releasing the ad unit for a few moments so that does not occur click bomb by others.

3. Follow the rules set out Google

Follow the appropriate rules google requested, such as not clicking on ads alone.

4. Always analyze Adsense

Do an assessment against any activity of your Adsense account, either through Google Analytics or other.

5. Be vigilant While Spreading Your Website Links

Perhaps the 1 it's quite trivial cuman kalo reasonable in frequency will have an impact on your adsense account you, sometimes the person likes it or refuses to envy with our income can do boom click on the website you, so pay attention to also place you share the link e.g. If the Group AdSense click bombing that there must be a diatau because the ins and outs of adsense

Here's some tips on how to cope with invalid click on google adsense, may be useful for all of you.

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